Expertise. Experience. Safety.

Whether your operation is a success depends in large part on your surgeon's experience. Not all bariatric surgeons are equal. Some have received months of specialized training in a laparoscopic surgery fellowship and have performed hundreds of bariatric procedures, while others have attended a two-day workshop and have done just a handful of operations. When meeting prospective surgeons, ask about their training, the number of cases they have done, and their outcomes results and complications.

Our surgical staff are among the most experienced in the world, with extensive training in the advanced laparoscopic bariatric surgery techniques. Dr. George Fielding is the world's most experienced bariatric surgeon. He has performed more than 5,500 weight-loss operations and has been instrumental in the development of laparoscopic surgery. Dr. Christine Ren-Fielding has performed more 2,100 Gastric Banding procedures and has extensive experience with other bariatric operations. Dr. Bradley Schwack, trained in all forms of minimally invasive gastrointestinal surgery, including primary and revision bariatric surgery, long term follow of bariatric surgery patients and laparoscopic general surgery, has also joined NYU Langone Medical Center.

Drs. Fielding, Ren and Schwack are backed by a team of anesthesiologists, operating room staff, and nurses who have extensive training in, and experience with, the care of obese patients. In addition, hundreds of medical and surgical sub-specialists at NYU are available to care for you, should any related medical problem arise.

Our outcomes are among the best in the country. NYU Medical Center was named one of four "better performers," among the 29 participants in the University HealthSystem Consortium's (UHC) Bariatric Surgery 2005 Benchmarking Project. (UHC rated the participants on the follow criteria: patient education, evaluation and selection; compliance with American Society for Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence criteria; outcomes based on surgical approach and procedure type; and effective programs for reducing complications and risk.)

Once you return home, one of our surgeons or nurse specialists will always be available to help you if you have an emergency or any difficulties. To guide your recovery, we arrange monthly follow-up appointments with our surgeons and staff, who understand what life is like after weight-loss surgery. In fact, one of our surgeons (Dr. Fielding) and one our nurses have undergone weight-loss surgery themselves. We also offer monthly support groups and unlimited follow-up with our dedicated dietitians.