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Warren Huberman, Ph.D.

Dr. Warren Huberman is a clinical psychologist specializing in cognitive-behavior therapy with a focus on health behavior change. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the NYU School of Medicine and an Affiliated Psychologist with the NYU/Langone Medical Center. Dr. Huberman has worked in the field of weight loss surgery for over fifteen years and has been associated with the NYU Langone Weight Management Program since its inception. He has worked extensively with patients both before and after surgery as well as with patients who wish to pursue non-surgical weight loss options. Other areas of specialty include the treatment of binge eating and disordered eating as well as anxiety and mood disorders such as panic disorder and major depression.

Dr. Huberman has held several hospital-based positions including serving as the Director of Outpatient Psychological Services at the Joan and Joel Smilow Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention Center at NYU/Langone Medical Center. Dr. Huberman earned his PhD in Clinical/School Psychology from Hofstra University in 1993 and completed a pre-doctoral internship and post-doctoral fellowship at the Institute for Behavior Therapy, New York City's first cognitive-behavioral institute. Dr. Huberman's work has been presented at regional and national conventions and he has been widely published in both the popular media and peer reviewed scientific journals. He appears regularly on television, radio and contributes to a number of websites. Dr. Huberman is also the author of the newly released book, "Through Thick and Thin: The Emotional Journey of Weight Loss Surgery" published by Graphite Press.

Donna Rivera, Ph.D.

Dr. Rivera graduated with a Ph.D. from the Clinical Psychology Program at Teachers College, Columbia University, in 1998. Her professional career began in 1970 at the Maimonides Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry, where she worked as a clinician while pursuing her goal of becoming a clinical psychologist. Dr. Rivera's training was focused in understanding human behavior within a psychodynamic framework. In recent years she has also integrated concepts of cognitive behavioral therapy into her work, especially with regard to weight loss issues. In 2000 Dr. Rivera began administering psychological assessments to the patients of several prominent weight loss surgeons in the New York City area. In 2001 Dr. Rivera left Maimonides to work full-time in her private practice, where she continues to devote much of her time to the evaluation of patients preparing for weight loss surgery.

Despina Hyde, RD
Shannon Carey, RD

Clinical Nurse:
Gaspar Rosario, NP-C
Laura DeAndrade, NP

Clinical Research Coordinator:
Allison Youn, RN, CCRC, MA

Physician Assistant:
Anne Finger, PA

Registered Nurse:

Frank Colonna, RN

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