Ask the Experts

Spring 2005

Volume One / Number One

Is there a special diet I need to go on before surgery?
Yes, a two-week liquid diet is required. This is done in order to “de-fat” or shrink the liver. Many obese patients tend to have a fatty liver, by shrinking the liver the surgeon is able to maneuver easily during the surgery. Typically, a 1000 calorie low-fat, high protein liquid diet is required two-weeks prior to surgery. Your nutritionist will provide details on this diet, at your nutritional assessment.

When do I have my first adjustment?
Six weeks post-op.

If I am less than a 100 pounds overweight can I still undergo surgery?
Absolutely. Although your insurance carrier may not deem it necessary, many patients who need to lose less than 100 pounds undergo surgery and are very successful. Patients with a BMI between 30-40 kg/mg and are diabetic may be a candidate for a research study!

If I have gastric banding surgery do I still have to take vitamins?
Yes, a multivitamin with iron is mandatory for the rest of your life. Although it is rare that people develop nutrition deficiencies we urge our patients to take precautionary measures in case of those rare instances.

Since I have lost weight my wife tells me that I do not snore anymore, is my weight loss the cause of this?
Absolutely. Weight gain is one of the major causes of snoring. When we lose weight some of the weight loss is in the tissues that line the air passageways in the mouth and throat.

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