Ask the Experts

Spring 2007

Volume One / Number Four

Q: How much protein should I consume in a day?

A: Protein needs are estimated based on your height, weight or ideal body weight. Every one is different but the average rage of protein among people with the gastric band is between 50-75 gm protein/day. 1 oz of cheese, meat, chicken and fish has 7gms of protein. 8 oz of milk has 8gms of protein. Dairy and animal proteins are better absorbed than plant protein such as soy and beans.

Q: How much fiber do I need to have in a day?

A: 25-30 gm of fiber/day is recommended. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber. High fiber cereals like Fiber One and All Bran are good to incorporate in your diet because they have 15gms of fiber per ? cup and only about 60 calories.

Q: How many calories should I consume in a day and still lose weight?

A: Calories are estimated based on height, weight and ideal body weight. Also, everyone’s metabolism is different. The more muscle someone has the more calories they can eat. People who are very active also require more calories. However, the average calorie needs for a person with the gastric band is about 1,000-1600 calories/day depending on their size, activity level and muscle mass.

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