Ask the Experts

Summer 2008

Volume One / Number Five

Q: Is gurgling after an adjustment normal? I think something is living inside of me!?

A: When your gastric band is adjusted, the opening to your stomach has been reduced to a certain degree. When you drink water after each adjustment and subsequently thereafter, you may hear a “gurgle” as the water you are drinking is trading places with the air in your stomach. Water goes down; air comes up like the water cooler. It is normal to have that exchange.

Q: As for bite-sizes, how small is “small”?

A: When it comes to cutting bite-sizes, act as if you were cutting food for a toddler. They have small mouths and can’t tolerate a big piece, or they may choke.

Q: Why do I have more saline than Jane/Joe, but I have less restriction?

A: There are different band sizes that hold different volumes of saline. No two people are the same, so you cannot compare apples and oranges. What is too loose for Jane may be too tight for Joe. We treat each patient individually, so it really does not have any impact on your restriction or satiety.

Q: How do I know if my band slipped? OR What would I feel if my band slipped?

A: The usual symptoms of a band slippage are difficulty eating/drinking, vomiting, heart burn, night-time coughing, and even pain. These same symptoms may be caused by having a band that is adjusted too tight or caused by eating a food that was not chewed properly or eaten too fast. If you are experiencing these symptoms, let your clinician know.

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