Spring 2011
Volume One / Number Eight

Kevin Bain


A month after my 50th birthday I collapsed at work. Well over 400 pounds I suffered from oxygen deprivation, lack of sleep, high blood pressure and severe sleep apnea. Rushed to the hospital I was told I needed immediate gastric bypass surgery! NO, I protested. I was afraid and not mentally ready for this. I swore I’d lose weight on my own, again!! And I did, but as usual gained it back plus more. A few years passed and I continued to battle my demons. Then I saw my mother die because of lifelong complications due to her morbid obesity. Her passing woke me up! I went to the NYU seminar for Bariatric surgery and decided it was time to do something to save my life. And it did!

Meeting Dr. Fielding and his staff gave me the security that I needed to make the decision to have lap band surgery. All necessary pre surgery activities went smoothly. The date was set and on July 19, 2007 Dr. Fielding changed my life! And my life did indeed change. I was re-born. I lost weight at a very rapid rate. In approximately 16 months I lost well over 200 pounds. I went from an 8x shirt to a “large.” I went from a size 68 inch waist to a 38 inch waist. I was now able to walk, something that was IMPOSSIBLE to do before the surgery. I was like everyone else now. No one stared, no one gawked at me, no one shuddered when I approached an empty seat on a bus or in the theater. I was an average guy…something I never was. And I loved it. In July of 2009 I had skin removal surgery…15 pounds of excess skin was removed from me…RELIEF!!! I felt like I had burst out of a cocoon!

Life is incredible. Life is amazing. Life is wonderful. I do all things most average people take for granted. I walk. I travel…yes I can now fit into a plane seat with no belt extension and with room to spare. The life I hated now I love. The life I dreaded now I relish. Yes, I was re-born in 2009 and I take full advantage of everything life has to offer. I’m eager and excited and anxious to catch up on all I never did because I couldn’t. My highest weight 470 pounds made me a prisoner trying to smile and get through each day. I was miserable. Now I’m elated. Life is FABULOUS!!!

Most importantly I must thank Dr. Fielding. Not only as my surgeon, but as a caring professional. At each appointment, at each “fill” he exuded a most caring and nurturing involvement in my journey. His bedside manner, his sincere concern and his interest in “me” was the exact medicine I needed to achieve my success. I depend on him. He is there for me. I’m not just PATIENT #...to him. I am Kevin Bain, a success and “friend” to Dr. George Fielding. He has seen me through this amazing journey with a smile and a helping hand.