FAQs / Non-Surgical Weight Loss

1.     Why do diets always fail?

Diets are not intended to make lifestyle changes.  At the NYU Weight Management Program we are not about diets.  We are about finding out your medical issues, exercise patterns, food preferences and even your sleep patterns and developing over time a healthy doable lifestyle that you can follow for the foreseeable future.

2.     Why am I regaining all the weight I lost on my last diet?

Weight regain is a combination of genetics, fat metabolism, metabolic rate changes, a multitude of unique habits and medical conditions specific to you when you lose/ regain the weight.  We look at all of these factors in order to prevent weight regain once and for all.

3.     Do I really need to exercise?  I hate exercise!

Yes exercise is important.  We all move and we all can find movements that don’t hurt our backs or knees.  Together we will find movements that work best for you; that are comfortable and convenient.     It is a matter of finding the right movement and improving on it little bit by little bit.  The more we move the better our metabolism and the healthier our heart.