NYU Medical Center One of Four Better Performers in UHC Bariatric Surgery Benchmarking study

Craig Andrews
NYU Medical Center Public Affairs
Email: Craig.Andrews@nyumc.org

New York, March 11, 2005 – NYU Medical Center was named one of 4 better performers, among the 29 participants in the University HealthSystem Consortium’s (UHC’s) Bariatric Surgery 2005 Benchmarking Project. The focus of the UHC Bariatric Surgery study was:

  • Patient education, evaluation and selection
  • Compliance with the ASBS Center of Excellence criteria
  • Outcomes based on surgical approach and procedure type
  • Effective programs for reducing complications and risk

The project involved a retrospective review of 40 consecutive charts for discharges in early 2004. Cases had to meet the inclusion criteria of morbid obesity, 18-65 years of age, BMI of 35 – 70 and primary procedure. An operational survey was also completed which focused on how well the facility was organized, staffed, equipped and prepared to care for the bariatric surgery patient.

The project evaluated bariatric surgery care and outcomes based on 15 key indicators found in evidence based medicine literature, including preoperative screening and education, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) prevention, leak testing, length of stay in the hospital, the use of clinical pathways, having all the necessary equipment to care for obese patients, an appropriate care team, well organized support groups, and follow-up care. Participants were scored using an applied algorithm developed by UHC statisticians. The top-scoring institutions were considered candidates. Site visits were conducted to validate better performance and to identify practices and policies that contribute to their consistent success. NYU Medical Center emerged a better performer based on its scores on relevant key indicators and practices that contribute to NYU’s success in all these areas.

Dr. Christine Ren, Director of the NYU Center for Surgical Weight Loss, attributes the program’s success to their commitment to safe and effective care of the bariatric patient. They offer a comprehensive pre-operative screening and educational program to ensure that candidates are fully informed and prepared. Although they offer a full range of surgical options to patients, a majority of the surgeries performed at NYU are laparoscopic adjustable gastric bands because it is a very low risk procedure. Long-term patient involvement also ensures success and improves outcomes.

UHC, formed in 1984, is an alliance of U.S. academic health centers (AMC), which provides its members with a variety of helpful resources to improve clinical and operational performance. UHC’s mission is to advance knowledge, foster collaboration, and promote change to help members succeed in their respective markets.

UHC's Benchmarking Program offers unique resources to support performance improvement efforts among AMCs. For more information about UHC’s Benchmarking Program, or about the 2005 Bariatric Surgery Benchmarking Project, contact Jackie Dostal at 630-645-8160.