NYU Medical Center Receives FDA Approval to Study Safety and Efficacy of Gastric Banding Weight Loss Surgery on Teens

Craig Andrews
NYU Medical Center Public Affairs
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Alternative to Gastric Bypass to Be Examined in the U.S. by World Leader in Gastric Banding Surgery

George Fielding, surgeon
Gastric banding surgery is the safest surgical weight loss option available, with a rapid recovery time.

New York, August 2, 2005 -- NYU Medical Center received approval from the Food an Drug Administration to perform a clinical trial to examine the safety and efficacy of gastric banding surgery on adolescents. NYU Medical Center is one of just two institutions in the U.S. to have received FDA approval to perform this trial to study this lesser-known alternative to gastric bypass surgery.

Gastric banding surgery is also known as LapBand® surgery which places a silicon ring around the upper portion of the stomach, causing appetite suppression and fullness with only one-fifth the amount of food previously consumed. Although gastric bypass is better known, the LapBand® procedure is reversible, adjustable, safer, and has a shorter recovery period. It also does not have any of the risks of nutritional deficits associated with gastric bypass surgery. NYU Medical Center only offers the gastric banding procedure for surgical weight loss in their adolescent patients.

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Dr. Fielding

George Fielding, M.D., Associate Professor of Surgery at New York University School of Medicine, who performs gastric banding surgeries on teens at NYU Medical Center, has done the most of these surgeries on both adults and teens in the world (over 75 adolescent surgeries and 3000 adult surgeries). Additionally, he can offer unique understanding and compassion for his patients. As someone who has had weight problems since childhood, he underwent the lap-band procedure himself in 1999.

"Many obese children become obese adults and we need more information to help combat this harmful trend," said Dr. Fielding. "This trial is a great step forward as we will collect important data to guide physicians who are trying to help morbidly obese adolescents."

NYU Medical Center will enroll 50 adolescents between 14 – 17 years of age who are morbidly obese. The teens need to have a minimum Body Mass Index (BMI) that is 40 or above (at least 100lbs. overweight) and will have a history of failed attempts at dieting and medically managed weight loss. They will be followed over a five year period.

For more about gastric band surgeries and the NYU Program for Surgical Weight Loss you can visit: www.nyuweightloss.org

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