Alla Mayzel


I was an over-weight child my entire life and was always deeply unhappy with myself and my physical appearance. During my college years I became more and more unhappy, not only with myself, but with my life in general. My weight began to affect my outlook on life and caused me to give up on school, my friends, my family, and preciously on life itself. There were days when I did not leave my room because I was so ashamed and embarrassed of the person I had become. I became severely depressed and looked for food as my only comfort and happiness in life. I left high school weighing 190 pounds, and next thing I know, I was 19 years old weighing in at a staggering 320 pounds. Not only was I morbidly obese, but I was on the verge of becoming diabetic and creating a black hole for me to lie in.

I tried each and every single diet one could think of, and not only did I end up gaining the weight back, I ultimately gained much more than I could have ever imagined. After great thought and deliberation my parents and I came to the conclusion that the only way to salvage my life, and most importantly my happiness was to get weight loss surgery.

On October 11, 2007, I underwent the Lap-Band procedure, a decision that ultimately saved my life. Now, I am 23 years old and weigh 150 pounds, a weight I have not seen since the 5th grade. I feel like a revived new young lady and am thankful for this second chance that I was given. I am proud to say that my addiction to food is now a vice from the past and am thankful that I was given the opportunity to overcome such a tremendously difficult obstacle, thanks to the Lap Band, of course. I have now learned the true meaning of self-discipline and am ready to take up any challenge that is thrown in my direction. Knowing that I won in the challenge against myself, I am ready to conquer the barriers that life has to offer me.

See before and after photos here.