Patient Testimonials

S. Garber
March 2014

Every morbidly obese person will have that one story that they will never forget. My eldest daughter was in kindergarten and was having story time. I was asked to read to the class they have those little tiny chairs that are just made for children. When I came into the class my daughter innocently said. ‘This is my daddy and he is very fat' It took 5 more years and getting stuck in my car to decide to have the Lap-band surgery. I am proud to say that I weigh 190 pounds down from 320+ (most scales top out at 300 pounds) . This is a life changing surgery. No more canes, type 2 diabetes and clothes that fit so you wear them. No matter how terrible they looked. Dr. Ren and Fielding, you saved my life.

Sincerely S. Garber