Support Groups

The NYU Langone Weight Management Program offers free monthly support groups that are run by a licensed Social Worker at each meeting. At NYU we understand that undergoing Bariatric Surgery is a major undertaking. We’ve found that to be truly successful it’s best to have plenty of help and support along the way.

Here at NYU we offer support groups based on the type of surgery you are considering or have already had. Each group provides a friendly forum for people to share their experiences or provide the encouragement you need to succeed.

Here is a listing of our groups and/or affiliations. Feel free to contact us regarding any of them.

Gastric Band Support Groups
Support group for all gastric band patients. Including pre and post op.

Gastric Bypass/BPD/DS/SLEEVE Support Groups
Support groups for gastric bypass patients at all stages of post-op.

Online Support Groups
A listing of online weight loss surgery support group websites.

Exercise Groups
Available exercise groups.