Is Surgery Right

Who is a candidate for surgery?

A person who is 100 pounds over ideal body weight or has a BMI (body mass index) of 40 or greater. Check your BMI using the BMI Calculator.


A person who has a BMI over 35 and has associated health problems related to obesity. Check with your physician to determine if you have any medical problems that are caused by your weight.

*The LAP-BAND® is indicated for BMI 30-39 with co-morbidities. However, many insurance companies often do not cover for BMI < 35 even with associated health problems.


A person who has tried medically supervised dieting to try to lose weight, but has been unsuccessful at keeping it off. Many people have weight diaries that document their roller-coaster ride of weight loss.


A person who is motivated to commit themselves to a change in his or her life. Surgery is simply a tool to facilitate weight loss. You will still need to follow a special diet, take vitamin and mineral supplements, exercise regularly, and follow up with your surgeon.

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