Nutritional Assessment

You must call our office to schedule an appointment with our dietician (866-886-4698 (4NYU). You may schedule this appointment the same day you meet with your surgeon.

During this visit, the dietician will review your dietary history. (This Step does not guarantee your candidacy for surgery, which is determined in the surgical consultation). The dietician will also review the pre-surgery diet with you (see below).

You can also use this opportunity to review any questions you may have regarding weight-loss surgery and to access Emmi, our web-based pre-surgical education tool.

Pre-Surgery Diet

For two weeks prior to your surgery, you will be placed on a low-calorie, mostly liquid diet, which is limited to 1,000 calories per day and contains at least 50 grams of protein. Your calories will come from protein/meal replacement shakes. These shakes can be purchased directly from our office, or at your neighborhood drugstore or grocer. You will also be permitted to have low-calorie vegetables in small portions at dinner.

Please download our preoperative and postoperative nutritional guidelines:

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