Testimonial: One Patient's Success Story

Summer 2008

Volume One / Number Five

I would have to say the struggle with my weight began in the latter part of 1998. I was a four-pack-a-day smoker and knew that I couldn’t continue down that path. I had tried to quit several times, but this time it worked. However, I gave up one addiction for another that is just as bad – eating. Within about five months, I had gained 70 lbs. I was 55 years old, 250 lbs and my weight was still climbing.

Over the years, I tried everything to lose weight. I would join a gym and literally scare everyone around me as I pushed myself on the stair machine and treadmill while making those loud gasping sounds. Over time, I would grow tired of the gym because my appetite was still enormous and instead of losing weight I continued to gain. I fooled myself into pretending that my rock hard biceps were a great accomplishment instead of focusing on the fact that my belly was growing as well. I tried every diet, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Stillman, etc. and I even went so far as to go to a doctor who put me on a liquid diet. Each time I would lose the weight but then gain all of it back and then some. When I was 60 years old, my daughter took the family to Disneyworld as a birthday gift. I was close to 290 lbs by then. After the first day of walking around and trying to carry my grandson, I realized I would need one of those carts to continue through Disneyworld….because we had three days to go. Although my grandson thought riding with me in the motorized scooter was fun – I was terribly depressed. How could I have let this happen to me? In my mind I was still a 30 year old but I felt, and looked, like a 90 year old.

I did a lot of research before deciding to go ahead with gastric bypass surgery. I read everything I could about the surgery and even went on web support group sights asking questions. I knew there were risks involved, but I truly believed this was my last chance to live a “normal” life. I had read a lot about Dr. Kurian and knew she was one of the leaders in this type of surgery. At our first meeting, Dr. Kurian showed herself to be extremely warm and kind, she answered all of our questions and spent a lot of time with us. After going over the pros and cons, I knew that gastric bypass was something I definitely wanted to do and that Dr. Kurian would definitely be my doctor. I had my surgery Friday, November 21, 2003 and left the hospital on Sunday, November 23. I don’t like hospitals, and I was determined to get out of bed and walk around as soon as possible. Because of Dr. Kurian’s skill and care, everything went really well for me. I followed the post-op instructions and was careful to do everything I was told. I charted my weight loss, spent time online with others who were going
through the same thing as I was and in doing that, I found it extremely helpful to compare notes and get tips from others. I’m sure you are wondering if I experienced any vomiting in the beginning. Of course there was, as certain foods just didn’t agree with me. But the primary reason for most of my discomfort was caused by continuing to eat too much and too fast.

Since my surgery, I have gained back about 18 lbs from my lowest weight…which was actually too low for me anyway. I have sustained my current weight now for almost 3 years. I can eat pretty much anything I want. However, if I eat too much or too fast I do feel sick and get diarrhea sometimes. Even considering this, I don’t for one minute regret my decision. This was the best thing I ever did for myself and my family. Now, the grandson who rode with me on the cart at Disneyworld will have the opportunity to have his grandpa ride with him in a car and teach him how to drive.

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