Patient Testimonials

Bruce Moller

I wanted to drop you a short note regarding the success of my gastric banding procedure to date. I had the procedure done on Thursday 8/14/02 and I was back at work the following Monday. In the next four months I lost 88lbs, and have lost a total in excess of 110 pounds to date. I stand 6ft 3in, and now weigh just under 220 lbs.

bruce moller before photo bruce moller after photo
Before After

Some interesting statistics are:

  • My waist went from 48 inches to 36 inches

  • My neck went from 20 inches to 16 inches

  • My shirt size went from 6XL to XL

  • I went down one size in my shoes.

The impact on my life has been nothing short of a total reinvention. Immediately after the operation, I had decided with my wife to reduce our social life until the changes had settled down. This took a period of around 5-6 months, at which time we again ventured into the social world again.

I won't bore you with the impact, however some of the funny incidents have been:

  • being ogled by my own wife , not realizing it was me she was looking at as I walked towards her from a distance

  • sitting outside your surgery one day for a follow up session, I sat beside a husband and wife whom I overheard talking about the procedure. The wife lent across to me and asked why I was seeing you as it did not appear that I had a weight problem, I leant across to her and told her how 12 months previously I looked exactly like her husband. I think she went into a mild shock with that comment.


 Some of the outstanding positives:

  • Energy - no need to have abnormally long sleeps, I can work on 5-6 hours sleep a day

  • My sex life has gone through the roof, and I mean through the roof

  • My mental alert state is vastly increased

  • People treat me differently and I mean for the better and in particular women

  • I can now buy my clothes at any retail outlet

  • I no longer have reflux or sleep apnea.

  • I no longer snore

  • I just walked up the Franz Joseph Glacier in New Zealand on foot, an almost vertical climb, something I would have been virtually unable to do in the past

  • I no longer have a road cruiser motorcycle (because that's all I could comfortably sit on before) and I can now comfortably ride a Sports Tourer.

  • My watch band has shrunk 4 notches.


Some of the Negatives:

  • I was one of the half percent who needed to have the port removed, requiring further surgery

  • The psychological impacts were pretty hard to handle all up front, given the speed of the weight loss, the need to change habits pretty fast, the throwing up, dealing productively with the energy increase. In fact, I would say the medical side of the procedure was far easier to deal with than the psychological side

  • The cost of new clothes. You have to replace your entire wardrobe right down to your Jocks. I had purchased my cloths from a U.S. company based in Dodgeville Wisconsin called Lands End for many years as they had a Big and Tall range. This wonderful company has the most outstanding return guarantee I have ever seen! You can return any thing you purchased from them at any time for any reason. I returned 16 pairs of trousers (48 inch waist) for trousers with a 36 inch waist. Lands End exchanged them all at no cost to me. I still buy from this great company as they also sell great regular size clothing.

  • The impact on your immediate family is fairly significant. Their support is necessary to help with the physical and psychological changes you go through. I am lucky to have such a supportive and loving family.

On a final note, being the nature of person I am and having tried many other weight loss measures, I was suspicious of any medical procedure which claimed such weight loss. I used my contacts in the medical fraternity to investigate your procedure, and I was delighted to learn of the skill level you offered and the frankness of my contacts.

I went to the operation with a clear mind that it was being handled by an absolute professional. I was under no delusions that this was just a kick start. I knew that I still had to take an active part in my weight loss. The band often reminds me its there and to watch what I eat but the surgery offered me an opportunity to take charge of my own health and eating habits.

Prior to the procedure I could eat 3 lb rare steak in one sitting. Since the procedure, I would not have eaten 4 ozs of steak since the procedure in totalI have happily become 95% a vegetarian, with my only meats being chicken and fish, and very occasionally some very lean ground beef.

Thank you and all your staff for all the support and assistance during and since the procedure. I am only too happy to act as a referral to any one who is considering the procedure with you. I have attached some before and after shots you are welcome to use in future presentations if you wish.