Patient Testimonials

Basically I have promoted the Lap Band procedure over the last 5 years resulting in approximately 100 patients coming to your office and successfully having the procedure done.

Personally before I had the procedure I had sleep apnea and slept with a mask every night, borderline diabetic, and numerous other issues as a clothes closet resembling a retail department store with all of the different waist sizes were sorted and tagged by those big rings.

After having the procedure my sleep apnea has gone away as well as the diabetes issue, they just disappeared. As far as my closet goes, today I have the luxury of walking into my closet and just pulling any pair of pants with the confidence that everything in my closet fits. It was very depressing putting on a pair of pants and not being able to close them. Also my pants always wore out between my legs as my legs were so fat they wore the pants out. This is no more an issue.

I have known Dr. Ren for many years.

Eddie Shamah