Patient Testimonials

by Karen Vivo

Would I do it again? Yes in a blink of an eye!!! I love my new look and I wouldn't change it for the world. All my life I struggled with my weight. I constantly dealt with failed diets, clothes not fitting, no energy, and yes, fat jokes. The worst part of being heavy was the thought of summer approaching. Summer was the worst, the sweat, not being comfortable in my own skin, many summers style clothing didn't fit, and I mostly hated looking at all the skinny, beautiful, nice figured women.

My weight also affected my family life. I hated telling my children that I was tired and wanted to sleep just a little longer, or that I needed to rest just a little bit more. Mommy had no energy to go bike riding, walking or even taking them to the beach or the pool.

Since the surgery, I am a changed person. I have better self-esteem, a figure and energy. I feel like a million bucks. I can't give more thanks to Dr. Ren and her excellent staff for all of their help in helping me to become a new person. Now, I can shop, go to the beach or pool, and most of all enjoy my kids and family.