Patient Testimonials

My New Life

Matt Grindel

On March 6, 2003, my new life began. I can not say enough for the great care and compassion shown from the whole team at NYU. Dr. Ren in my eyes gave me a new lease on life. I was 317 lbs and actually in my own way and on the border of diabetes and hypertension, not to mention sore joints and zero energy level.

The operation and the care that was given, was unsurpassed. I had committed to undergo the surgery; I only wish I had done so much earlier. The surgery and every aspect of recovery were discussed by Dr. Ren. I found it amazing that people could care so much for a total stranger. The whole experience was a pleasant one. I had the surgery on a Thursday afternoon, was released on Sunday and was back to work on Tuesday.

The pounds just started to melt off. I finally noticed that I had a signal that I was full, something I never had before. Dr. Ren is my hero! I have been so happy! How great it is to have my life in order! Seeing is believing.