Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Fielding,

When I came to you about a year and a half ago I was 351 pounds standing at 5’ 7 inches tall. I could hardly walk let alone stand up for more than a few minutes. I was busting out of my clothes, could hardly breathe, my sleep apnea was out of control, the sleep center said I stopped breathing over 50 times a minute while I was asleep. My blood pressure was high, my cholesterol was almost 300.

I truly felt as if death was headed in my direction if I didn’t make a change. With a lot of convincing from my female cousin who had the lap band surgery through you who lost about 100 pounds I decided to attend your seminar. Due to my own stubbornness I tried to find faults with the procedure but was unable too. So I decided to go for it.

I thank G-d I did. I now weigh 235 pounds and not only am I feeling better but I just got my results back from my blood test and my blood pressure is perfect 110/80, my cholesterol was perfect at 176 and I have not slept with my sleep apnea machine in over a year.

Not only can I stand for a lengthy period of time but I became an avid scuba diver. I have even dove under the frozen Lake George in upstate New York. I also have been doing an enormous amount of downhill skiing as well.

I have attached a few before and after pictures for you to show anyone who is contemplating this procedure.

Thank you again Dr. Fielding,

Adam S. Riback