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The NYU Langone Weight Management Program is unlike any other program. In 2009, we transformed our program to reflect our belief that we could best meet the needs of all our patients by combining medical and surgical weight loss options under one roof. Our surgical options include gastric sleeve, lap band, and gastric bypass.

As a designated Bariatric Center of Excellence, the NYU Langone Weight Management Program offers a comprehensive program that includes a multidisciplinary team for those seeking surgical and/or medical intervention. Whether you are critically overweight or need to lose those extra 20 pounds, the health risks are great. You want the expertise of a world-recognized medical program, which can lead to a healthier you. A happier you… a NEW YOU.

The NYU Langone Weight Management Program is led by renowned surgeons, Christine Ren-Fielding, MD, George Fielding, MD and Bradley Schwack, MD together with our distinguished Bariatrician Dr. Holly Lofton.