Healthy Eating Tips

Spring 2005

Volume One / Number Two

Healthy Eating Tips: Kick Start Your Weight Loss!

Barrie Wolfe MS RD

Have you hit a plateau? Try these ideas to help your weight loss.

1. Start keeping a food diary. Buy a journal and record everything you eat and drink. You may want to write down how you are feeling when you eat to help you figure out if there are emotional triggers involved.

2. Think before you eat! Find out if you are eating because of physical hunger or emotional hunger (sad, happy, stressed, bored, etc). Find out how you can better deal with your emotions.

3. Increase your physical activity. Exercise not only burns calories but it is a stress reliever and an activity that can take you away from the kitchen. If you don’t have time to go to a gym-take a walk during lunch hour, get off at a bus stop that will allow you to walk some extra blocks to work, take the stairs, etc.

4. Increase your water intake. Your goal is to consume 6-8 cups of liquids every day. Avoid high calorie drinks like juices, Frappacinos, chai lattes, alcohol, etc. Choose low or no calorie beverages like water, herbal tea, skim milk, sugar free teas, Crystal lite. Avoid excess caffeine.

5. Avoid super-sizing your meals. Portions should resemble a “lean cuisine” sized entrée (about 1/2 to 1 cup of food). You can always share a meal at a restaurant or take half home. Order an appetizer as your main dish. At home you may try eating on a smaller plate to get used to smaller portion sizes.

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