Healthy Suggestions

Spring 2005

Volume One / Number Two

Healthy Suggestions: Nutritional Eeating Tips

by Gaspar Rosario, ANP

  • Rather than giving up entirely on your favorite high fat or high calorie foods choose lower calorie replacements.

    For example, if you find yourself grabbing the bag of chips or finishing a pint of ice cream nightly, switch to a lower calorie alternative. A small bag of baked chips will satisfy your need for crunch with fewer calories and fat. Prepackaged fudge pops containing 100 calories or less will fulfill your sweet craving without the saturated fat or unwanted calories. By replacing your favorite foods with lower calorie options you won’t feel deprived. We all know that deprivation of our favorite foods will lead to a binge that we will regret. Talk to your nutritionist to help find substitutions for your high calorie snacks.

  • Create a “safe food environment.” A cabinet at home or a drawer at work filled with calorie laden foods will sabotage even the most motivated person out there.

    Do you keep a jar filled with chocolate on your desk? Get rid of it. If your office has food too readily available come prepared with your own healthy snacks like string cheese, jello, yogurt, prepackaged low calorie snacks, etc. This goes for your kitchen at home as well. If young kids are in the house and high calorie treats must be available make sure there are healthy snacks to eliminate excuses. This goes for those who eat in their car, train or in the class room. Don’t be caught empty handed. When you arm yourself with healthy options the diet pitfalls will be easier to avoid.

  • Reward yourself with a luxury other than food.

    Try rewarding yourself with something that can further your wellbeing and health. Some of our patients love indulging in a manicure, buy a new bestseller, or new magazine or treating themselves to a new outfit.

Gaspar's Gastric Band Commandments

Thy shall:

  • Not have ice cream or chocolate.
  • Chew well and eat slow.
  • Remain on a liquid diet for 2 days, followed by a pureed diet for days after each adjustment.
  • Maintain a liquid diet for 1 to 2 days, if you vomit for any reason.
  • Make an appointment if you can easily eat doughy bread, steak, white meat chicken, or more than a cup of food.
  • Make an another appointment if you are still hungry.
  • Not panic. Being hungry is not an emergency. Make good food choices until your next appointment.
  • Make an appointment every 4 weeks for the first year and get your annual esophagram and lab work.
  • See Dr. Ren or Dr. Fielding on your next appointment if you followed the above commandments and you are not loosing 1-2 lbs/week.
  • Enjoy successful weightloss, resolving comorbidities, and a healthier life, if you follow these instructions.

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