Jamie Lassner

My journey to my improved life started just over 2 years ago with my initial meeting with Dr. Christine Ren-Fielding when we decided to have a Realize Lap-Band implanted in early September 2010.

Today, 2+ years later and 100+ lbs. lighter, I am healthier, have more energy and am happier. Excitingly I now can say I am a 3 time Triathlete and just a few months ago I completed the 2012 NYC Half Marathon. Best part of all is I was able to train and complete the races with my wife, Mara and our amazing sons, Sam and Adam. I could not have done it without Dr. Ren-Fielding and the rest of the amazing team that Dr. Ren-Fielding has surrounded herself with.

Over 11 years ago after being injured as a first-responder to the attacks on the World Trade Center, I decided to try to surround myself with the good that life has to offer and cherish the wonderful moments that come my way. I am blessed that I have had many great moments. All the great moments of the past 2 years including but not limited to the triathlons and running races is very much a result of hard work and the love, concern and professional care of Dr. Ren-Fielding.

There are no words that could express the gratitude for the loving care, the concern, devotion and outright friendship that Dr. Ren-Fielding provided during this life changing quest to loose weight. Each visit to the office is filled with encouragement, constructive suggestions, and genuine enthusiasm in my accomplishment and of course much needed humor.

Well, the journey continues and I am genuinely blessed to have Dr. Christine Ren-Fielding as the Captain of this great voyage.

Thank you Dr. Ren-Fielding, thank you my friend!