Marina Levin


LapBand has been the most amazing tool for me.  Having no willpower to decrease my portion sizes during meals spiraled my weight to 304 pounds.  Although I felt that I was making “healthy” choices, like choosing brown rice over white, I was sabotaging myself when I would eat four portions of the healthier choice!  I realized that I was making truly healthy food choices for my two children, but completely lacked restraint when it came to my own eating habits.  It was time to take control and I’m so glad that I did.

My surgery was unremarkable and I was back at work two days later.  I was very lucky not to have any weight related medical issues before being Banded.  I thrived with the LapBand and lost 140 pounds in 17 months (with a truly healthy diet and moderate exercise), until I became pregnant with baby #3.  I am now 3 months post-partum and am 13 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  The journey has been extraordinary!

I never realized how many concessions I subconsciously made when I was overweight.  To name just a few: No more fearful thoughts about fitting into an airplane seat, stadium seating or squeezing into a space on the train; my laptop actually stays on my lap, rather than being held in place or slide off of my lap; and I am no longer am subject to buying a shirt just because it fits, but now I can choose whether or not it flatters me.

The LapBand helped to change not only my body shape but my outlook as well.  In addition to being able to cross my legs, I’m much more positive than I once was.  I’ve always been a very gregarious, energetic and boisterous woman, but now I feel that my outward appearance finally matches my inner thoughts.