Patient Testimonials

Jane Weinman

Yes, I would do it again, yes it was the best decision I ever made! Yes!! It has been great!

The results was better than I could have ever have imaged, both physical and psychologically. I was at 215 pounds at 5 ‘5 and 50 years old, now I am the same 5’ 5 at 145 lbs I lost 70 pounds slow and careful, it has been about 5 years. I feel great and look good too! And yes my shoe size went down.

I always was an emotional eater… the more I tried to lose weight the fatter I got. I could not stay on weight watchers more than three days, yes I would lose weight and then gain and then abit more. I would exercise; eat salads and chicken breasts for days!

I went to the intro seminar for the lap band and thought about it and really could not think of a reason not to do this. They were not going to rearrange my insides, whatever I was doing, have done was clearly not working.

At the seminar, Dr. Fielding said really there are not enough hours in the day for you to exercise and lose all the weight. I am not clear if that is exactly what he said but that was the truth that I really believed.

I signed myself up and was on the liquid diet around Christmas time. That was a great way to avoid all the sweets in the office. Dr. Huberman said that people that have done it were surprised how well it all worked out and they can eat too. I was pretty sure he was stretching the truth but if he was half right that would be an improvement over my current situation.

I took Tammy, from the intro seminar and office out for dinner. I had a heart to heart about what can I really eat, what will my friends notice. I wanted to see how someone with the lap band and how they ate and what they ate. She was wonderful with all her practical knowledge.

Surprisingly I did everything they told me to. The liquid dieting, the operation, the recovery, the fills, I ate what they told me to and I ate how they told me to. Perhaps I was scared to death but I listened to them more than I would most people.

It has really worked out well. I have been amazed. My chart showed my weight was slowing and steadily going down. I won the best prize ever, me! What I delight to be happy to get on the scale.

I now weight what I weighted at my lowest in my twenties. I am a size medium, size 10 sometimes 8, I greatly feel great but here is the best part. I do not think about food anymore. How much I want to eat, what would she think of me if I had another piece or bite. What I should do with my food. What I should order, what will the waitress say if I ordered dessert. My family says that I eat half as much as I use to, and they didn’t even know what I would eat.

I pretty much can eat almost anything, I can say that I really miss eating anything, and eating is just a lot more enjoyable, the food taste much better. Family gatherings are more about the people and not the food especially during thanksgiving.

I do yoga about three times a week and really enjoy it. I eat out alot.

I eat three meals a day, and have a small gelato at night , boy life doesn’t get much better than that!