Patient Testimonials


As I sit here in front of the computer staring at photos old and new, trying to think of the right words and wondering what the hell happened.  My photo taken 32 years ago, fairly good shot reasonable figure, photo taken 2 years ago now that’s another story.

My childhood was not an unhappy one, but the memory of being called a fat spastic by my brother certainly does not bring a smile.  At the age of 18 I marry and am physically abused for 7 years, my special name there was lumpy, now there is a good reason for hitting the box of doughnuts or a pizza or two.  Next came another marriage - will we ever learn. This one lasted 27 years, twenty of these being ignored and he threw in a couple of affairs just to make it a little more interesting.  Now we have yet another excuse for the comfort food, mind you he told me being overweight was never the reason for his bits on the side, he just needed “intellectual stimulation” - RIGHT - now pull the other one.

Now here we are in 2002 beginning of a new year suffering from unbelievable pain from a bad hip. Life seems to be looking decidedly bleak – husband number two given the flick, menopause in full swing, my beautiful daughter is taking on more and more responsibility, doing things I should be doing and I can see no way out.  Diets I have tried them all, every Monday I start a new one by Tuesday – do I need to say more. Getting into bed I have to get my child to lift my leg in. I have had enough, I ring my lawyer and have my last Will and Testament drawn up enough is enough I want out.

Sitting on my sofa in front of the television (a regular past time) Dr. George Fielding is being interviewed. I have seen George’s face on the television quite a few times and I had thought that the gastric band operation could be a viable solution. This time was different because George tells the reporter that he has had the procedure himself, well something clicked.  If I follow through with my plan to put myself out of my miserable existence what do I leave behind? My most precious gift I have ever had, my daughter, my family, and friends.

I begin to realise my life has been making excuses time after time blaming everyone. I wasn’t happy just to be a little chubby or even obese I had to be SUPER OBESE.  


I made a superb choice in becoming a mum, I choose the best friends you could wish for and now the time was to choose a new HEALTHIER ME.


We are all aware of the name calling and the labels, we’re lazy, unclean, don’t dress properly - WRONG WRONG WRONG.  My house sparkled, my garden was perfect and I was always well presented, I just happened to be fat. I’m not retarded, I am reasonably intelligent and I participated in all my daughters school activities, raised loads of money and was an effective member of all school committees, also running my own craft business.


Two years after the operation – where do I stand.

Weight loss: 87.4 kg

Hips loss: 63.5cm

Waist loss: 43cm

Chest loss: 54cm

Total cm loss: 160.5

What has changed in my life?

It surely must be illegal to feel this good.

I can shop for five hours non stop - coffee break only

I spend $20 on a bra - they used to be $90

I buy clothes of the rack - my sewing machine has been buried

I go to the theatre/movies and don’t need to worry about being stuck in the seat

My grocery bill is only the third it used to be

I can garden for five hours - it used to be 15 minutes and 1 hour sleep

The seat belt in the car no longer stops me from breathing

No headaches, no pain killers, and no trips to the toilet at night - it used to be at least 3 times

I have perfect sugar levels, perfect blood pressure, and perfect cholesterol

Best of all I can party all night and come back for more the next day

I would be lying if I said it was all smooth sailing. It most certainly has not, the first six months I had my doubts. Yes the weight was coming off but getting the right food and the right amounts to eat can be a little tricky. Support and guidance from the dietician and George Fielding’s support team enabled me to travel the weight loss journey. If someone would ask me would you go through it all again my answer and only the honest one would have to be - YES! YES! YES!

Dr. Fielding gave me the instrument to the road of good health and wellbeing now I treat that instrument and myself with respect and we are doing just fine.