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Tomorrow is the Today that is Here Now,

A Testimony & book proposal by Tony Scioli:

I have been struggling with a book proposal for close to 5 years, which was about the same time when I conquered my life long battle with obesity. The lap band and with doctors and staff at the NYU weight loss center are the only reasons I beat the obesity condition I lived with for better than 45 years. Yes I tried every conceivable diet, pill and shake, went to spas, weight watchers, even overeaters anonymous, but in the end it was attending an information seminar at NYU that made me not talk about tomorrow, ever again. Most of us Obese(yes, fat) people have a million excuses for putting off today that step we should take, till tomorrow. Our lives become filled with tomorrows that never happen, and finally, in my case weighing in at 351 pounds( see before and after pictures), having to take 11 or 12 pills a day  for type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and sleep apnea, I finally got off my large ass( see that picture, too, one of my favorite before shots) and went to the information session.

Is it the fact that I take no pills now, have excellent blood pressure, have none of the conditions that plagued me for years and  in fact, shortened my life expectancy, or is it the fact that I can shop at any store, not have to ask for a seatbelt extender to fly on a plane, or squeeze into a seat at the movies, or be  ashamed to be seen in public with my sons, but since I now weigh in at 188 pounds,  I want to let the world know there is a way to deal with obesity , that is almost foolproof.

While writing this testimony I goggled weight loss books and articles, Goggle stated there was approximately 30 million,yes, that’s 30 million hits for those  subjects! Obviously  people buy and read all this information and ignore it because obesity is growing worldwide problem.

There is a saying a picture speaks a thousand words, so please look at my 2 before and one after picture that accompany this brief testimony. That I feel healthy, am prescription free, look good in clothes, can play tennis without  gasping for my next breath, in general, a feeling of well being, it should and I hope, motivate you to take the next step, attend an information session and learn why you should put your health in the hands of the doctors and staff at the NYU weight loss clinic , which has been given the seal of approval and designated a Center of Excellence, and has one of the best result and safety statistics in the world.

Tony Scioli before photo Tony Scioli after photo
Before After